During the Winter time,  you have to face the snow, ice and and storms which may cause unseen problems to your home. Most of the houses encourage a few issues in the winter season. It is essential to repair your home before any significant damage takes place, costing you a fortune to repair. These are the few of the issues that many will face with the lousy winter weather.

Water-Stained Ceilings

Sometimes, there is a yellow or brown stain on the ceiling below. Our services will fix the stain issues by using high-quality stain sealer. We have a team of experts to use quality paints for water-stained ceiling fixing.

Fix Damaged Roof

When the weather hits, sometimes your rooftop will encounter confined or significant harm, like cracked walls, or leaky roof. It will be fixed by our expert team easily, and they can fix your issues at a reasonable price. We recommend adjusting the problems before the summer season as the summer heat can cause further damage so do not delay.  Sometimes even if the damage is minor, like misaligned tiles or small cracks, in a matter of time they can get worse. It best to tackle them when they are still small issues, saving you the hassle and the bucks. Our estimators are experienced and will most likely precisely analyze the best strategy for fixing your rooftop.

Repair Side Leaks

Water harm regularly originates from stopped up drains and downspouts; dry climate manages the chance to clean all the stuff. Our Experienced workers will replace the gutters affected by the bad weather.

Winds have a negative effect on a storm door. Frequently, door closer is effected by weather getting twisted, breaks, or pulls from the doorjamb. If you want to fix storm door, then S&M Construction services is the place to go, we will guide you and fix your issues.

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